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Car Photography at 2024 Auckland Brit & Euro Car Show - Lloyd Elsmore Park

The Auckland Brit & Euro Classic Car Show 2024 was held at Lloyd Elsmore Park today and was a spectacle to say the least! With Martin being a lifelong lover of cars vintage or new, we couldn't dare ignore the allure of quintessential classics and the promise of a family-friendly event.

We were immediately greeted by the sleek lines and polished exteriors of an array of iconic cars. The central theme, 'Hot Hatches,' took us on a nostalgic journey through automotive history. Each car model had its cult following, and enthusiasts were out in force to celebrate these legends, despite the chaotic rain and wind. There were food and coffee trucks working hard to feed the masses, and it was clear that the general feel amongst the crowds was extremely positive. Well done to everyone involved!

Mini Coopers, the fierce presence of Ferraris, the luxury of BMWs, and the sheer sophistication of Bentleys... we loved eye candy. We took our Panasonic Lumix cameras and shot some of our favourite moments & vehicles from the day before the rain really set in. Automotive photography is one of our passions and so any chance to photograph cars here in Auckland, we're up for it!

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